Bad Breath? Try Mouthwash

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Nobody wants to have bad breath. Though in our busy, everyday lives, what is a simple and quick solution to bad breath? Mouthwash. Only 30 seconds of swishing and your bad breath is gone. Though mouthwash is by no means a replacement for brushing and flossing your teeth, it has several benefits, including combating bad breath. Here are some of the ways that mouthwash fights bad breath.

Antimicrobial Agents
A major cause of bad breath is the oral bacteria that lives in our mouth. Antimicrobial agents are a key ingredient in mouthwash, and their purpose is to fight mouth bacteria. They not only prevent plaque growth and gingivitis, but they control bad breath as well.
Astringent Salt and Odor Neutralizers
These ingredients are the main fighters against bad breath. The astringent salts temporarily masks odors while the odor neutralizers do what they’re called, they neutralize the odors.
The swishing motion we do with mouthwash also does a lot to deodorize our mouth. The oral bacteria that causes bad breath collects in the food particles that get stuck in our teeth. By swishing mouthwash around, we get rid of the food, and therefore the odor.