Among other reasons, when a tooth too badly damaged to be repaired, Dr. Karey may recommend tooth extraction in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Tooth extraction means to have a tooth pulled.

If you have a crowded mouth, our dentists may pull a tooth so that orthodontia can be performed. When there is no room in the mouth for a tooth to grow in, it will not be able to break through the gums and may become impacted. When a tooth is impacted, it is trapped between the jawbone and the gums. To avoid infection and permanent damage to the surrounding teeth, our dentists may pull the tooth. If a tooth has an infection that is too extensive for root canal therapy to repair, extraction may be necessary. For patients with a compromised immune system, even the risk of infection is reason enough to pull a tooth. Periodontal disease, an infection that damages the gums and bone that surround and support your teeth, can cause your permanent teeth to loosen. If this occurs, our dentists may decide to pull the tooth or teeth.

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