Dental Veneers Are a Popular Smile-Improvement Option

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If you have one or more teeth that suffers from imperfections, like deep stains, chips, or old dental work, it can leave you feeling self-conscious in social situations. If your teeth are unattractive, or if you would just like a smooth, white smile, your dentist, Dr. Kimberlee J. Karey, might recommend perfecting your smile with dental veneers in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The dental veneers are made from a porcelain material that fits perfectly over the faces of your teeth.

At the initial appointment, our experienced dental team will inspect the teeth in your smile and take a series of X-rays. This will help your dentist assess the health and integrity of each tooth. If one of your teeth lacks the strength to effectively secure a dental veneer, our team might recommend having that tooth restored with a porcelain crown.

Then, your dentist will take an impression of every tooth that will be fitted for a dental veneer. This impression will be sent to a professional dental lab where the technicians will produce your custom veneer.

Once the dental lab has completed your veneers, our team will call you to schedule your second appointment. This appointment will involve removing a small amount of natural enamel from the face of each tooth. Then, the corresponding veneer will be cemented in place.

With the proper care and cleaning, your dental veneers will provide you with a white and winning smile that will last for years to come.

If you would like to have your smile improved by dental veneers, you should call us today at 734.668.6612 to schedule an appointment.