Knowledge Foundation: Tooth Hazards

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Are you aware of several oral health risks that may be putting your smile at risk of severe dental damage? If you’re not already doing so, establish various ways that you can protect your smile and limit the risk of dental damage through activities in your life or any other habits that may include further wear and tear on your teeth. If you want your smile to continue functioning effectively for many years to come, you will need to limit the risk factors associated with harming it.

If you’re worried about your smile suffering any kind of dental damage, assess all risks in your life and eliminate the ones that are unhealthy. Some of the biggest risks of your smile include dietary choices and biting into products that should never be bitten into. Try to avoid biting into ice, cough drops, or any other potential substances and products in your mouth that can easily chip and crack your teeth. Furthermore, never chew on pencils, pen caps or bite on your nails, as they can all cause dental damage.

Another common risk factor for your smile that can arise is due to tongue piercings. If you have a tongue piercing incorrectly inserted, it can end up leading to severe dental damage. You could be putting your teeth and gums at risk of tooth loss because of metal or plastic products swinging around your mouth. Furthermore, you also open yourself up to choking hazards, allergic reactions, permanent nerve damage, burst blood vessels and oral inflammation.

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