How Routine Dental Checkups Help Your Smile in the Long Run

When you come in for dental exams and we have cleaned your teeth and gum line and removed any hardened plaque, our dentist can look at them for any signs of trouble, such as cavities, loose or broken teeth, damaged fillings, and evaluate your risk rate of certain diseases which might also take into account... Read more »

Removing Your Wisdom Teeth Can Preserve Your Oral Health

Have you been told recently it’s best to remove your wisdom teeth? If so, you are not alone. Thousands of people from teens to adults have their wisdom teeth removed in order to preserve their oral health and keep their other teeth safe and in tip-top shape. Our , Dr. , can help you if… Read more »

Don’t Doubt the Dental Benefits of Sleep Apnea Prevention and Care

Did you know that sleep apnea is a common condition but can have serious ramifications on your overall health? Sleep apnea can form from two different ways. It is important to be aware that obstructive sleep apnea occurs to blocked airflow while central sleep apnea is linked to improperly received brain signals from your brain… Read more »

Knowledge Foundation: Tooth Hazards

Are you aware of several oral health risks that may be putting your smile at risk of severe dental damage? If you’re not already doing so, establish various ways that you can protect your smile and limit the risk of dental damage through activities in your life or any other habits that may include further… Read more »

Oral Health for the New Age: Mouth Guards

If you are involved in any high-risk activities, such as contact sports, the teeth and gums that make up your smile could be easily damaged in seconds from physical trauma. To help keep your smile safe, you should know that there are several oral appliances that can help you, one of which is a mouth… Read more »

If You’re Sick, Try These Tips!

Are you looking to help your smile when you are sick? If not, you should try to consider it! Your oral health is essential and can help you combat other illness in your body. Our dentist, Dr. in , , wants to help you with your oral health and is here to give insight on… Read more »

Reverse Poor Oral Hygiene with Root Canal Therapy

Are you familiar with intricacies of a root canal therapy? If the pulp, which is the inner tissue inside your teeth containing all of the life force of a tooth, becomes inflamed or diseased, it will need to be removed. If left untreated it can cause further infections to spread and can result in tooth… Read more »

Treating Dental Problems From the Holidays

The holiday season is full of parties, gift opening, and, most of all, food! Because there are so many snacks, treats, and candy available, your teeth were most likely constantly exposed to bacteria and other substances that create dental issues. If you are suffering from a dental problem that developed during the holidays, our dentist,… Read more »

A Dental Bridge Restoration Might Be Needed for a Severely Compromised Tooth

Sometimes a tooth is too severely decayed, fractured, or otherwise compromised for a specialist like Dr. to effectively treat it with a root canal. In these rare and severe cases, will often advocate extracting whatever remains of the tooth’s root to start the process of replacing it with a dental bridge restoration. Aftercare measures often… Read more »

Veneers Are Key To Your Smile in 2018

Do you want to give your smile some extra dazzle in 2018? If you are searching for your celebrity smile, consider dental veneers! Your teeth will look fabulous. Whether you want an entire smile makeover, or just need to correct minor ailments in a few teeth, veneers can do the job. Dental veneers are designed… Read more »