Preparing Your Smile for Teenage Dentistry

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The path to being a teenager is littered with complications all along the way. Everything from the pressure placed upon you by other peers to everyday problems can derail you at every possible turn. In regard to your oral health, the key point is to stay safe and keep your teeth and gums in their peak conditions. This includes adequate preparations so you can make the right decisions when problems arise.

One of the riskiest activities that teens participate in is sports, especially contact sports. In many of these activities, oral accidents and injuries frequently arise. If you are participating in any sport or activity, be sure to wear the appropriate safety equipment, such as face masks, mouth guards, and head gear.

The power of peer pressure among teens can often be overwhelming and lead individuals astray. As we come into our own as young adults, many individuals want to become appreciated by others and are willing to bend in a negative manner to satisfy others. Unhealthy habits such as smoking and doing drugs often arise due to peer pressure. Not only can these habits contribute to severe health problems, but they can destroy your mouth and oral health as well.

Another bad oral health habit that often arises due to peer pressure is mouth jewelry. Oftentimes, mouth jewelry such as lip and tongue rings is made of hard materials and substances which can chip and crack teeth easily. Furthermore, the items often present choking hazards due to their size and locations should they be knocked loose.

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