The Reasons Behind Your Jaw Pain and Treatments to Help

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Do you have chronic jaw pain? If so, we’re here to help you! Chronic jaw pain can alter your way of living in more ways than one, even by making eating extremely difficult. No one wants to live with this pain their entire lives, which is why we encourage you to call Kimberlee J. Karey, DDS at 734.668.6612 and schedule an appointment with Dr. Kimberlee J. Karey at your earliest convenience.

What are common symptoms of jaw pain?
There are many symptoms related to jaw pain, like:

· Pain or tenderness in the face, jaw joint area, shoulders, and neck
· Stuck or locked jaw
· Difficulty opening your mouth wide
· Clicking or popping sounds in the jaw joints when you chew
· Facial tiredness
· An uncomfortable bite
· Facial swelling
· Toothaches, neck aches, earaches, and headaches
· Dizziness
· Shoulder pain
· Ringing in the ears

What are the causes of the jaw pain?
There are many things that could be causing the pain, like the TMJ disorder, teeth-grinding habits, arthritis, periodontal disease, injury, infection, toothaches, and sinus problems.

What are available treatments?
There are many treatments available in the world today that can help with your jaw pain, including:

· Mouth guards
· Muscle relaxants
· Meditation
· Root canal therapy
· Medication
· Periodontal treatment
· Tooth extraction

As you can see, your jaw pain can result from many different causes, and it’s hard to treat this problem on your own if you don’t have an accurate diagnosis. So, please feel free to come into our office as soon as you can so we can help you fix the problem as well as help you get back to a normal, pain-free life. We look forward to helping you!