Three Foods that Can Crack Your Teeth

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If your tooth cracks, we recommend visiting us as soon as possible. Our dentist works hard to provide you with exceptional care, and will do everything possible to keep you comfortable. However, we also want to help you protect your teeth.  To do so, we are happy to help you know how to avoid cracking your pearly whites: particularly by offering you a few foods you should be careful of when chomping down.

Hard Foods: Pretzels, baguettes, and bones can lead to broken teeth, especially a tooth with a restoration. These teeth already have a weakened structure, and are more prone to breaking.

Sweets: Frozen candy bars or candy with nougat or nuts could lead to broken teeth, but hard candies are more of a problem. If you need hard candy, please just suck on it.

Almonds: Have you heard about all the health benefits of almonds? While it is true that there are many, it’s also true that chewing almonds can be bad for your smile—especially if you chew the almond whole.

If you are interested in learning more about the foods that could crack your pearly whites—or if you are interested in scheduling an appointment with our practice—please contact us soon. We are anxious to hear from you.