Time to Take the Crown

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So you’ve just been given the news, it’s time to crown your tooth. Whether decayed, discolored or misshaped, you have been recommended for a crown. Don’t let it scare you; our team is going to give you an in-depth look at what goes into crowning a tooth.

But first, what exactly is a dental crown? A dental crown is cap shaped and custom-made to cover your tooth. The cap is then placed completely over the visible part of your tooth, to protect it from breaking or decaying further.

Crowns can also protect a weak tooth from breaking further and restore the health of a tooth by strengthening it with a large filling.

So what can you expect at your appointment?

When you arrive at our office, our dentist will first prepare your tooth by creating impressions of your tooth, this allows for your dental crown to be designed and constructed specifically to you. Once the crown is made, usually after a day or two, our dentist will cement the crown to your existing tooth.

After your crown has been placed it is important to take care of it, just as you would any of your other teeth. Be sure to brush your teeth twice-a-day and floss regularly. If you experience discomfort or pain, call our office right away to schedule an appointment.

You and your teeth are our top priority and shouldn’t be taken for granted, call us today at 734.668.6612 to find out more information on dental crowns and other services.